Multi Function Digital Readout Kit

Multi-function digital readout
DC series linear scale
Digital readout function list

Kit comes complete with:

  1. (1) .005mm res. .0001" readout display for a 2 & 3 axis- mill, lathe, grinder or EDM
  2. (2) digital linear scales - 5um resolution
  3. One suspension arm is included with the display
  4. 3-Scale guards (protect scale from elements)
  5. 4- scale mounting hardware (L shaped cover, bracket, screws, etc)
  6. One user manual in English.

Key Features:

  • 5 um (0.0001") resolution scales (display supports 0.1um-.00004" & 10 um scales as well)
  • Can be switched between Mill, Lathe, Grinder and EDM
  • Supports both English and Metric units (in/mm display)
  • Absolute and Incremental measuring mode
  • Center line (1/2) function - Sub datum (200 points)
  • Tool library (200 points)
  • Linear drilling function Mill Mode
  • Bolt circle (PCD) machining in Mill Mode
  • Incline and oblique plane machining Mill Mode
  • Simple and Smooth Radius machining Mill Mode
  • Asymptotic machining of inner cavity (cambering) Mill Mode
  • Radius/Diameter function in Lathe mode
  • Taper function in Lathe mode - Axis summing in Lathe mode
  • Filter in Grinder mode
  • Linear and non-linear error compensation
  • Auto Zero/reference function - Calculator with trigonometric functions
  • Tool Compensation
  • Sleep Mode - Power Off memory
  • 100-240V, 50/60Hz universal AC power
  • Mounting Arm and hardware included


Toolmann is a US company and we stand behind our products. All Ditron DRO products come with a 2 year limited warranty. This item is GUARANTEED against DOA. All warranty claims are handled through service facility. Defective items will be replaced upon receipt and completion of manufacturer’s inspection process. Defects caused by improper installation, abuse, physical damage, and normal tear and wear are not covered. Buyer pays return shipping, in most cases we will ship a replacement unit same day.

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